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“Commander” Jim
My background includes model rocketry, aerospace and defense, and a zero fail attitude! I’m not going to say it was easy… but I will say it was a ton of fun. You can literally send something to the edge of space for under $1,000 and I think it’s every boy’s dream to send something up that high, and get it back. Step aside NASA!
Iain “the Idea Guy”
When you have the technology and the will to explore (and don’t mind getting up at 0230hrs or know a guy called Will!) you find out that nothing is out of your reach, and this project proves that!
“Professor” Alon
Statistically speaking we were lucky that the near-spacecraft was retrieved. There was a 10.564% chance of the craft landing in that nearby reservoir and sinking.  Breakfast was good.
Pauly “Muscles”
Look, I’m not sayin’ we were lookin’ for trouble… just our Bobble Head!
Tom “the Sleeper”
All I know is that we had to get up early to launch this thing… but mostly I slept in the car.
Jonah “the Kid”
It was a wild day and I enjoyed being a part of this great adventure. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!
“Moby Dos”, Noah
It was a great day to bring my son out and witness the launch. And I don’t always listen to music… but when I do, it’s Moby!
Michael “the Oracle”
I see the future, I foresee it will eventually land.  I see us driving many miles.  Unfortunately I cannot foresee tonight’s football score.